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The easier way for you to create and manage your guests.

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How BridalPlaybook Works

The stress free way to manage your tasks.


Select & customize a checklist

Choose one of our wedding planning checklists and we will tell you the ideal due date for each of your tasks,
or basically create your own checklist from the scratch.

How It Works - Create Event

Let other people do the work for you :)

Add your friends or family members as 'stewards'
Then, navigate to the 'Task Assignment' tab to assign as many tasks as you want to them.

How It Works - Create Event

A quick and easy way to keep everyone informed

Go ahead and send the tasks on your to-do list to anyone and everyone.
Whoever is assigned to a task will be able to flip the status to 'completed' or 'in-progress'.
This status will then automatically be displayed on your dashboard for you to see.

How It Works - Create Event